Fred Mullins, P.A. holds an MBA, B.S., real estate license the United States Coast Guard Master Captain's license and commercial pilot's license. With over 20 years of cross-functional experience in real estate, international asset management, and construction management, Fred's experience places him as one of the top real estate professionals in the Florida Keys.





Donna Mullins has been a key member for operating teams for residential real estate, marketing, and sales operations and finance. She holds a real estate license, United States Coast Guard's Captain's license and pilot’s license in both land and sea. Her aggressive style and her tenacity have placed Team Mullins in the top 20 real estate agents (out of more than 1,000) in the Florida Keys.

Erin Biby is a licensed real estate agent and has been an exclusive member of Team Mullins for over 7 years. She has earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Florida State University. Erin's fresh approach to social media and internet marketing is invaluable as a real estate professional and to any homeowner looking to sell a home or any buyer looking for their special dream home.