Home Staging

Simple Steps to Beautiful House Staging for Securing High Resale Value

Home Staging is something more than cleaning and decorating a house. It is about bringing complete perfection to homes so as to make them look cleaner, brighter and attractive for home buyers. Potential buyers decide for their decision to buy a home within a few minutes and it is these minutes only when staging works. Want to know how to do it? Here it comes in simple steps:

Clean, de-clutter and organize all rooms of a home – First of all, remove all waste products from your drawers, cabinets and other areas in order to make a house look well balanced and clean. Put up all the things which you require in a well-organized manner so that it does not conflict with the beauty of a house.

Address all repairs which require attention – Small cracks, gaps or holes in house walls, drawers or any such area can resist home buyers from buying it. Check out for squeaky doors, leaky cracks, burnt – out light bulbs and all such means so as to give a home a clean and fresh appearance.

Give special attention to cupboards and kitchen counters – Shelves and countertop, especially of kitchen areas must be cleaned properly. This is because it is one such place which can make home buyers realize wonderful living experience in this region. Remove all eatable items, dishes from these countertops in order to make kitchen area appear cleaner, wider and functional.

Try to make the bathroom as bare as could be – Try removing all your personal items from bathroom area before allowing home buyers to peek in. It is essential to pack up all collectible items, children’s artwork, trophies, holiday souvenirs, and family photos.

Take professional photographs of your house – You can also provide professionally clicked photographs for a house which can be carried away with home buyers. This will provide them with a healthy image of the house.

Provide brightness and good smell to your home – Open all drapes and blinds so as to allow natural light to come in. Give good fragrance to your house by putting up fresh flowers and candles in dining or bedroom area.

Hide appliances which you don’t wish to sell – If there is an antique or special thing which you don’t want to sell then keep it aside from the eyes of home buyers.

These steps can perfectly do staging for a home which you wish to sell.