Tips for Moving to the Keys

Tips for moving to the Keys can really help out, especially during such an exciting time. Many people dream of relocating to the Florida Keys but are too focused on the surf and sun. Meaning, they overlook key details and those come back to unnecessarily complicate things, usually at inopportune times. That’s okay, just a bit of useful advice can make a world of difference. Read on to learn some helpful tips for moving to the Keys.

Moving to the Florida Keys means entering an entirely new world (even if you already live in the Sunshine State). It’s a completely different environment than just about anywhere else in the world. So, here are some helpful tips for moving to the Keys:

  1. Learn about the local real estate market. This is true no matter where you’re moving. But, it’s particularly important when you relocate to the Keys. That’s because it’s a totally different real estate market. After all, the land is limited, houses vary greatly in size, type, and other key factors. Pair up with a local real estate professional to get in the know.
  2. Explore employment opportunities. The micro-economy in the Florida Keys heavily relies on tourism. But, there are other employment opportunities, including education, arts and entertainment, and more. This can also be a great time to make a move to another industry and fulfill a dream pursuit.
  3. Update your wardrobe. If you live in the northeast, midwest, northwest, or even in the west or south, your clothing probably isn’t appropriate for the Florida Keys. No, we’re not talking about style but instead, about function. You won’t need heavy clothing, including coats.
  4. Get into an island living frame of mind. The Keys, are of course, are a collection of islands located in a subtropical climate. And, residents live life at a slower pace. You’ll need to get acquainted with this island lifestyle to really enjoy it. Also, embrace the outdoors. Another difference with island living is the fact that most of it are about being outside. 
  5. Update your personal information. Of course, you’ll need to update your information with your new address. Additionally, transfer your vehicle’s tag, get a Florida driver’s license and all like things, including subscriptions, bank accounts, credit cards, and more. Also, schedule utility connections ahead of your arrival.

With a bit of planning and a course of action, you can make the transition to living in the Keys a wonderful experience.